Fish for Life

Incorporating fish into your diet two to three times a week can be very effective at improving your health and can prevent the development of chronic diseases.

It is well established that fish provides us with healthy fats (specifically Omega-3’s) and essential vitamins and minerals that promote health and optimal functioning of essential body functions.

There is some concern, however, about mercury contamination and pollution from farmed fish waste.

While there may be some risk with consuming excessive amounts of fish, the benefits exceedingly outweigh the risks (especially when a wide variety of fish and shellfish are consumed.)

Furthermore, many wild species are often over-fished, leading to diminishing populations and increased risk of mercury poisoning.

There are plenty alternatives to the more popular – but less environmentally sound – seafood choices, however, and these alternative choices are easy to prepare and great tasting too!

For example, instead of the popular choice of salmon try Arctic Char. Arctic Char is a great source of DHA and EPA, Omega-3’s that protect against heart disease.

Additionally, Pacific Halibut is a great substitute for Tilapia or Atlantic Cod (and provides more nutrients per ounce). Pacific Halibut is virtually free of saturated fat and provides protein, omega-3, selenium, potassium, and vitamin B6 (all of which are necessary for heart health, protein metabolism, and proper nervous and immune system function).

As you can see, consuming a variety of fish is not only beneficial to your health, but its low “caloric cost” aids in healthy weight maintenance and weight loss.