Could Your Bad Habits Be the Cause of Your Erectile Dysfunction?

Karen Evans M.D.


Your penis is a part of your body and just like any other part of your body the way you take care of it, affects its ability, or inability, to perform as you desire.

If you are experiencing any level of ED, you may not be taking proper care of your penis!


Behaviors and Habits that Affect Your Erection
Often times a healthy lifestyle is not at the forefront of our priority lists – work, family, and errands take the majority of our time and effort, leaving our health much lower on the list. Rarely is there any reason to make a change until we have a walk up call and those “bad habits” roll over to our performance in the bedroom!


Here are some ways you can “clean up your act,” and minimize many aspects that attribute to ED.
*Stress Reduction – Stress is one of the leading causes of ED in men over 40. As we age we typically evolve and grow within our job role resulting in very competitive, highly demanding jobs. This hectic workload and the mental stress that comes with it can make it difficult to separate work and home life. This chronic stress, anxiety, and mental fatigue can create difficulty in the bedroom and result in various levels of ED. Trying to “turn off” or separate work time from “me time.” Making additional efforts to reduce stress such as yoga, meditation or exercise can aid in decreasing stress and improving sexual performance.

*Poor/Insufficient Sleep – Studies show that getting less than 5 hours of sleep a night can greatly reduce your testosterone levels, leading to difficulty with libido and sexual performance. Lack of sleep also results in increased stress and anxiety, weight gain, moodiness, and decreased mental performance.

*Medications – Did you know that there are medications you may be taking that cause ED as a side effect? Antidepressants, blood pressure medications, and even some popular over-the-counter hair growth products, can all contribute to ED. Statins or cholesterol-reducing medications can also negatively impact testosterone levels as cholesterol is a precursor to testosterone. Check your medicine cabinet to ensure that the medication you take to “help” you is not hurting your mojo.

*Oral Health – Rotten teeth and bad breath can affect your sex life in more ways than one! Recent studies have found that a majority of men with gum disease also have ED. Chronic inflammation in the body leads to blood vessel damage causing decreased blood flow to various parts of the body. If caught early enough regular cleanings by your dentist and a good dental hygiene routine can help to reverse some of the inflammation.

*Alcohol Consumption – Although one or two drinks may help set the mood and lower inhibitions, too much alcohol can impair your ability and quality of performance. Long-term alcohol use leads to decreased testosterone and increased cases of ED whether under the influence or stone cold sober.

*Nicotine– Nicotine is a vasodeppresant in any form, every time you take a drag or pop in a pouch you are putting a chemical in your body telling your blood vessels to get smaller – causing decreased blood flow and shrinkage of the penis. Long term this can cause damage and is of a huge concern as erections are achieved and maintained through blood flow.


The Latest Breakthrough in ED Treatment
If lifestyle changes alone are not enough to improve or cure your dysfunction, additional help may be necessary.  Here at Tampa Rejuvenation in Tampa, FL we are offering a remarkable new treatment for ED – PulseWave RX.

First, to offer this state of the art technology in the area, we are the only medical office in the region to offer this medically proven male enhancement procedure. Although this technology is rather new the United States it has been used in Europe for decades.

As we age blood vessels in the penis can become damaged or compromised, blood flow in the most common cause of age-related ED. PulseWave uses high-frequency acoustical waves to open up old blood vessels, removing plaques blocking or decreasing blood flow, and stimulating the formation of new blood vessels. The resulting improvement in blood flow can help men at any level of ED, even those who are just looking to obtain stronger and more sustainable erections.

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