Eating Habits and Weight Gain

Are your eating habits contributing to weight gain?

Your body has a very complex system to control when you should eat and when you should stop eating. Different chemicals carry messages back and forth to help control your appetite. The way you eat and other factors such as sleep and toxin exposure contribute to how well you can maintain healthy weight and how easily you can lose weight when needed.

Bad habits can quickly result in weight gain such as overeating, eating highly processed foods, or using food as a drug. When overeating you offset the balance of your hormones that tell you when you are hungry or when you are full. This then causes weight gain because of the offset as you will likely overeat more.

Highly processed foods like refined carbohydrates, artificial sweeteners, and high fructose corn syrup can quickly cause you to gain weight. Other things that can result in weight gain is stress eating, or eating when your dehydrated and your body is actually just thirsty.

With our culture eating meals on the run is too common and promotes eating highly processed food and other foods that are simply not good for you. Slow down and prepare foods ahead of time so that you are not forced to have a less then healthy meal while you are on the run.

At Tampa Rejuvenation we can help people to figure out better ways that they can eat better to improve their overall health.

Let us help you get on track so that you are able to battle our cultures eating style. Results vary by individual schedule a free consultation today and let Tampa Rejuvenation help you and your needs to become healthier.