Why you Should Get Botox

Botox is the only FDA approved treatment for temporarily improving the appearance of moderate to severe crow’s feet and laugh lines. One of the most extensively used treatments with both aesthetic and medical attributes it is used and approved for aesthetic use in 78 countries. Botox targets one of the main causes of these lines or wrinkles – repeated muscle contractions from squinting and frowning causing. By injecting these muscles with Botox the muscle contractility is greatly reduced allowing the skin to return to a visibly smoother state. Some patients begin Botox in their late 20’s to prevent most wrinkles from occurring, this is known as preventative treatments and allows patients to age very modestly with continual treatment as the years pass although effective in all ages at improving appearance and smoothness of skin.


Treatment is performed by a trained specialist who will meet with the patient to discuss desired results, actual treatment time takes about 10 minutes. Some patients prefer the area to be iced prior to treatment as Botox feels like a pinch, there may also be some short term redness in the area, especially in fairer skin tones, which fades quite quickly. Number of injections or units needed will vary by patient, area of treatment, and depend on desired results. Botox yields visible results in 24 to 48 hours and results may last up to 4 months although younger patients can expect more rapid results and can go longer between treatments.