Powerful Anti-Aging Treatments at Tampa Rejuvenation

There’s a lot more to anti-aging treatments than creams and ointments. Topical “solutions” are about as effective as makeup for resolving the true problems underneath. Instead of these temporary fixes, patients looking to turn back time on their bodies should seek out treatments for the inside and outside, rejuvenating the body head-to-toe.

If you’re looking for long-term solutions to battle the effects of aging, then the procedures and treatments at Tampa Rejuvenation are right for you!

At Tampa Rejuvenation, we offer a diverse range of therapies that target symptoms of aging and work to restore a youthful and happy overall well-being for patients.


Anti-Aging Treatments at Tampa Rejuvenation

The most obvious signs of aging make the appearance in the skin. Cells underneath lose the ability to produce collagen and prevent wrinkles, acne, and dark spots from appearing.

Additionally, when the immune system breaks down and the cells don’t repair or grow, there’s not a lot of help inside the body to fix the signs of aging.

But all that is in the past!

Today, there are medical treatments offered at Tampa Rejuvenation clinics around Tampa Bay to not only lesson the symptoms of aging, but also invigorate your body with nutrients and new cells to function like it hasn’t in years.

Here’s how Tampa Rejuvenation can help you regain a younger, happier lifestyle:


PRP and Skin Cell Treatments

To battle signs of aging in the skin, Tampa Rejuvenation offers PRP and Stem Cell Therapy to supply your skin with total nourishment.

Stem Cell Therapy utilizes the modern breakthrough of stem cells to mend and encourage the growth of new skin cells. Stem cells are unique in that they can alter themselves to become basically anything the body needs––brain cells, blood cells, tissue, etc. By infusing your body with stem cells, these anti-aging gems seek out struggling or failing areas, becomes needed cells, and promote the other cells to get back into gear.

Similarly, PRP (or Platelet-Rich Plasma) Therapy uses the cells of your own blood, enhanced and concentrated, to restore function and promote growth of new skin cells. This type of procedure stimulates dormant collagen cells and fibroblasts so that skin looks and feels young and healthy.

Stem Cell and PRP Therapy can be delivered as a concentrated dose to a specific target area, or through IV Therapy, which infuses the entire body with these enriched growth factors.


IV Therapy and Vitamin Treatments for Anti-Aging

You can’t just apply creams and ointments to the surface of the skin and expect problems to lessen or go away. You’re only fixing a small part of the problem at that point. Instead, you can treat the entire body, inside and out, by injecting powerful anti-aging serums directly into the bloodstream.

Anti-aging therapy in one of our five Tampa Bay clinics can

  • Reduce Wrinkles
  • Lessen the Appearance of Fine Lines
  • Erase Dark Spots and Discoloration Around Eyes
  • Treat Acne
  • Improve Elasticity, and so much more!

IV Therapy utilizes serums that are safe and appropriate for each patient’s individual anti-aging needs. Stem cells and PRP can be mixed into a revitalizing cocktail that is cycled throughout your body intravenously. Oral supplements can only provide so much help, since much of the pill or tablet is altered or destroyed through digestion. IV Therapy, though, is a safe, healthy way to help spread nourishment to every cell in your body.

You can also receive boosts of anti-aging vitamins in IV Therapy to increase the effectiveness of treatments. Glutathione, for example, is a powerful anti-oxidant that not only restores old cells in your body but also protects them from the general wear and tear over time.

Whatever your unique situation, we offer tailored anti-aging packages to meet patients’ expectations at Tampa Rejuvenation.

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Sexual Health for Men

Not all signs of aging are immediately apparent on the outside. As men age, they begin to function at a lower sexual performance due to things like low sensitivity and poor blood flow.

Tampa Rejuvenation also offers therapies such as PRP and stem cell that inject vitality right to the source and restore sexual performance and pleasure. The P-Rejuv Shot increases sensitivity and restores cell output so that men can keep up their confidence and a satisfied sex life!


Sexual Health for Women

Over time, women may notice that age affects sexual pleasure and libido just as it does men. It can be harder to become aroused or reach orgasm, and sex can often be very uncomfortable.

The solution is the O-Rejuv Shot, which injects a concentrated dose of cell-restoring serum right to the source. And apart from enacting the cells and blood to flow or grow like they used to, there are vaginal skin tightening procedures available so that you look and feel young again!


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