10 Reasons to Exercise Daily

At Tampa Rejuvenation, we offer patients throughout Tampa Bay a multitude of weight loss solutions that fit easily into even the busiest schedules. Although weight loss is primarily based off good nutrition since you can burn 500 calories in two hours and eat 500 calories in 5 minutes, we know and understand that exercise still plays a pivotal role in weight loss and overall health and wellness. Exercise is an important aspect of any healthy lifestyle for a multitude of reasons –read on to learn about 10 health benefits you can enjoy by taking the time to exercise daily.


Why Daily Exercise is Essential: 10 Ways it Improves Your Life


When you exercise to lose weight, you’re essentially working out the entire body and improving natural functions across the board, which is why even a little daily exercise can work wonders for your health. Without exercise, your body begins to degrade faster and your functions suffer more heavily.


Here’s how a little daily exercise can have a big impact on your health:


1. Improves the Immune System


Our bodies need immune systems to fight off consistent waves of infection, sickness, and other threats to our organs. Without its defenses, our bodies wouldn’t last long in the elements, in a crowded room, or anywhere for that matter. Threats to the body are everywhere, and you can greatly amp up your defenses by doing simple exercises daily. Physical activity can help flush toxins from the blood and dispel bacteria from the lungs and airways, minimizing health risks.


2. Increases Stamina


When you take an unexpected sprint across the field or make a dash for your car, your stamina is what’s keeping you moving. Lower stamina means that the body is unable to exert strong effort in physical activity over prolonged periods of time. With a little daily exercise, however, you can adjust your body to be able to receive more oxygen and use it more optimally in blood circulation and tissue, ultimately increasing your stamina.


3. Lowers Blood Pressure


Blood pressure is the constriction of blood flow in the veins and arteries due to unhealthy buildups (making the “walls” of the arteries smaller). This happens when we eat specific types of fatty foods and don’t counter balance it with enough exercise. Plaque builds up in the pathways and blood is forced into tighter spaces, which can have dangerous consequences on our hearts. Daily exercise chips away at the buildup in the arteries, though, and helps lower blood pressure.


4. Reduces Body Fat


Intense exercising (heavy cardio, cross-training, etc.) is essential for substantial weight loss. It goes hand-in-hand with a healthy eating regimen, too, restricting many carbs and sugary foods over prolonged periods of time. However, you don’t have to turn over your life and transform into a gym rat to see true results. Doing a small amount of daily exercise can reduce the buildup of fat and increase waste-removal so even the small amounts of unhealthy foods do less harm to your body.


5. Decreases Anxiety


Anxiety and other stress emotions weigh down on your shoulders throughout the day, but a little physical activity can not only distract you from the burden, but also put things in new, less-stressful perspective. Hormones released when we exercise fight down feelings of anxiety and stress and encourage more elevated, happier thinking.


6. Heightens Mood


As we mentioned above, special hormones are released in our bodies during physical activity that encourage healthier thinking. Endorphins, one of those notable hormones, kicks in as we exercise and sends off neurotransmitters that defeat stress and depression and elevate our mood. You may also have heard of the “glow” or general feeling of well-being that commonly follows exercise; this glow can be a regular daily part of your life, if you choose.


7. Enhances Sex Life


It’s easy to see how an improved stamina and improved mood each contribute to a healthier sex life. Additionally, daily exercise can encourage your endocrine system (a series of glands and organs producing essential hormones) to produce more muscle-building hormones and androgens, which help maintain sexual function in men and women.


8. Helps You Sleep Better


While you shouldn’t exercise right before trying to fall asleep (as it raises your heartbeat and adrenaline levels), daily exercise can help you rest a lot better at night. When we exert ourselves, the energy spent helps regulate the circadian rhythm, which controls our quality sleep. A strong circadian rhythm helps you fall asleep quicker, stay asleep longer, and wake up less during the night.


9. Prevents Arthritis


Arthritis is an extremely common illness for many adults middle-aged and older brought on by issues with cartilage or bone health. Resistance training can help you gain healthier bones and participating in specialized activity like yoga or Tai Chi lowers the risk of injury from tears in muscles and ligaments.


10. Lowers the Risk of Type 2 Diabetes


Adult-onset Type 2 diabetes can give your life a drastic overhaul, adding in large doses of thirst, frequent urination, as well as a general feeling of fatigue, among other unpleasant things. By adding in a little daily exercise, you can better fight off the onsets of diabetes as your body will be more prepared to metabolize glucose.


A Healthier You Through Tampa Rejuvenation


Along with the introduction of daily exercise, you should pay special attention to the foods you eat and the vitamins and nutrients your body needs to function optimally. At Tampa Rejuvenation, we assess every patient’s individual needs to tailor a regimen for optimal health, using various therapies and nutritional sources to achieve goals.


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