10 Ways Glutathione Improves Your Health

Our bodies produces a range of natural defenses that fight off anything from infection to the gradual breakdown of cells that comes with age. Glutathione is chief among those defenses as it is responsible for detoxifying the body and removing the free radicals that we experience naturally as part of our body’s metabolic processes.

Maintaining healthy levels of glutathione has a myriad of benefits for the mind and body, contributing to a healthier, happier you! Continue reading to learn more about how glutathione improves your health and why it is an integral aspect of fighting the aging process.

1. The Master Antioxidant

Glutathione is recognized as the master antioxidant – fighting the oxidation that free radicals force upon the body’s cells. This oxidation is what causes cellular degradation which then slows the body’s regenerative capabilities, leaving the door open for degenerative diseases to enter. Glutathione aides in fortifying your health and building up your defenses against the negative effects of aging.

2. Protecting Against Liver Damage

Oxidative stress affects cells throughout the body, but is especially critical in the liver, which serves a vital role in the immune system. Glutathione aides in fat metabolization aiding in gall bladder preservation and combatting the effects of diets high in fried food, and with a little upkeep, can help keep your liver in great functioning condition for years to come.

3. Fighting Off Inflammation

Glutathione is essential for immune function and plays a critical role in reducing the amount of internal inflammation. Much of the inflammatory process is caused by free radicals and oxidative stress, since glutathione combats these factors it is integral in keeping the body’s inflammation levels down. Especially beneficial in inflammatory or autoimmune diseases such as Hashimoto’s, Multiple Sclerosis (MS), and arthritis just to name a few.

4. Cancer Prevention

Glutathione has a dual purpose when it comes to cancer: first, it strengthens cells and fights back the physiological stress of toxins and free radicals, preventing cancer; it also can mitigate the damage done to cells by various cancer treatments. After a severe procedure like chemotherapy or radiation therapy, glutathione may help repair some of the harm done to the body.

5. Keeping Cells Youthful

When cells are attacked by toxins or free radicals, they begin to lose their regenerative properties – breaking down over time and ultimately becoming less effective. With age, the immune system may have a harder time fighting off these harmful invaders. Optimizing glutathione, can help combat the effects of free radicals and oxidation, improving the function of cells across the body––this includes the impact of aging on skin cells.

6. Improving the Kidneys

The kidneys are another vital aspect of the immune system, aiding in the prevention of disease and sickness by filtering the body’s fluids. Decreased levels of glutathione in the kidneys can lead to kidney damage and even kidney failure. Improving levels of glutathione will aide the kidneys in filtering you blood, removing the body’s waste and byproducts promoting improved overall health

7. Protecting the Eyes

Oxidation affects the entire body, damaging some areas more acutely than others. The breakdown of cells in sensory organs such as the eyes can be life-changing, so it’s wise to prepare your body against such damage. To avoid harm to the optic nerve from cell degradation, and to prevent glaucoma or cataracts while aging, you should seek to increase glutathione levels.

8. Encouraging Brain Health

The brain must consume a large amount of oxygen to function properly, but that substantial oxygen intake has its fair share of disadvantages. As the brain takes in oxygen, it’s also inviting in the free radicals and other agents that degrade cells. Glutathione helps your brain stay active and can strengthen cells to prevent against chronic illness such as Alzheimer’s Disease and Parkinson’s Disease.

9. Lessen Alcohol Damage

Alcohol of any kind (wine, beer, liquor, mead, etc.) introduces higher levels of oxidation into the body. Excessive alcohol use can be extremely damaging, especially to the liver and the immune system. Higher glutathione levels can reduce the oxidative stress that alcohol places on the body’s various cells and repair some of the harm it may have caused.

10. Reduce Respiratory Issues

Chronic bronchitis, cystic fibrosis and various infections can all be linked to oxidative stress. As the body’s cells age and take on new enemies, they are less prepared to fight off common respiratory problems, which can have major consequences on our well-being. Glutathione reduces that oxidative stress and helps cells repair what they’ve lost.

Glutathione Treatments at Tampa Rejuvenation

Utilizing glutathione with Tampa Rejuvenation is a sure-fire way to improve your health, protecting your body and all its components from the negative impact of free radicals for years to come. While supplements and dietary choices are excellent ways to optimize glutathione levels in the body, ideal levels are reached when nutrients are delivered intravenously.

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