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FDA Approved Appetite Suppressants for Weight Loss

The appetite suppressant combined with our multivitamin fat burning injections, a custom nutrition plan and fitness program, provides an integrative approach to your long-term success.

Each week you will be required to come to the facility so we can monitor your results, track your progress and make any adjustments to help you along your way. We not only look at scale weight, but also measure body fat, muscle mass and water weight, as each of these affects your bottom line number (i.e. your goal). While numbers are important, we go beyond the reading to determine how you are feeling, any changes that may be occurring, and any possible challenges that you may be facing.

In addition to the weekly MIC Combo injection, calcium pyruvate is recommended by our practitioners in order to ensure the body is able to burn energy quickly and efficiently. The fat burning effects of calcium pyruvate will allow for a more rapid fat loss. Scientists believe this supplement accelerates cellular respiration, allowing for the body to better utilize oxygen and fatty acids, helping in the conversion of food into energy.

At Tampa Rejuvenation, we take a different approach to weight loss. We believe that the process of losing weight should encompass more than just dieting and medication. That is why we provide an on-staff physician and dietitian, who will introduce you to the key factors that are going to not only help you lose the extra weight, but ensure that you are able to remain at the ideal body weight that will keep you looking and feeling your best. Our staff accompanies you through the stages of weight loss, ensuring that you are educated and successful. Through the understanding of how true wellness is achieved, we are able to personalize each members program to fit their needs, thereby leading people to a lifelong achievement of health. The medication for weight loss is FDA approved, and when combined with a customized menu and exercise plan you begin the steps towards reaching your goals. Medical Weight Loss has become well known in the health industry for its excellent success rates with individuals carrying excess body weight. Education through the knowledgeable staff at Tampa Rejuvenation empowers those who seek to better themselves through lifestyle changes, allowing for a lifetime of continual health and wellness.

Appetite interference is typically why individuals who try and restrict caloric intake will end up failing. The process of loosing weight can be drawn out, ending in minimal results. However, with the support of a professional medical team, the goal of weight loss will not only be accomplished, but maintained. Caloric restriction can be overcome; food cravings and weight will both begin to decrease. When it comes to dieting, Tampa Rejuvenation's protocol focuses on teaching patients the proper technique. Portion, timing, and educated decisions are all key factors in terms of nutrition. The dietary protocol encourages those struggling with weight to finally find a sense of balance with food, accomplishing much more than just weight loss.

An increase in the body's metabolic rate not only aids in pounds lost, it can also help with a feeling of alertness and energy. A natural stimulation via the nervous system creates the optimal environment for a higher caloric burn. The newfound energy encourages those who find themselves fighting fatigue to get more active and enjoy a more physical type of lifestyle. The well-known fat burning supplement Calcium Pyruvate is yet another method of increasing the metabolism, which is included in the Medical Weight Loss Program. Combined with a restricted calorie diet, vitamin injection and FDA approved medication this approach to weight loss is the most encouraging for any person seeking a complete lifestyle change.

Weekly monitoring and personalized attention are small, but crucial steps where most weight loss plans fall short. The strong belief in constant support is what makes our program that much more successful. Once a week, you will be accountable to meet here at the facility. A body composition analysis along with a vitamin injection will ensure that your weight loss is kept on the right track. Your weekly medication is dispensed on the day of your weigh in. The medical doctor, as well as the dietitian and program director, are available to you at your request, so that confidence is met with assurance of an educated, supportive team. Not just reaching, but maintaining your goal weight is the true measure of your success. At Tampa Rejuvenation you are given all the tools to accomplish the success in your lifestyle change, allowing for a continual state of health and wellness.

What if I can't get in each week?

We have a number of business professionals, stay at home moms, and students who may not have the ability to come in every week. Special accommodations can be made on a week-to-week basis between our office, the doctor and the patient to help the patient remain on the program and be successful

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