Stem Cell Therapy for Hips in Tampa

With stem cell therapy for hips from Tampa Rejuvenation, we can help alleviate pain and get you back on track. Continue reading to learn how.

Hip pain can be caused by any of a number of factors. Where you feel the pain can give your doctor valuable clues as to what is ailing you. For example, if you feel pain on the inside of your hip or in the groin area, this tends to be problems associated with the hip joint; if you feel pain on the outside of your hip or in the buttocks area, this can be a problem with ligaments or tendons surrounding the joint of your hip.

A recent survey suggests that nearly 15 percent of adults over the age of 60 experience significant hip pain. Self-reported hip pain has increased in older adults since 1975. With around 100 million Americans suffering from chronic pain, there’s got to be an easy solution to help resolve these issues.

Issues with your hips can also be caused by weight gain. For every 10 pounds of body weight you carry, there is about 50 pounds of pressure added to your hips and knees, which, over time, can really cause issues with the joint and lead to chronic pain. Medical weight loss plans can help, but so can a new form of therapy.

There is now a solution to all of your chronic pain and it’s in the form of stem cell therapy.

Using stem cell therapy for hips from Tampa Rejuvenation, you can eliminate pain and restore vital tissues in your body. With the restorative and regenerative properties of stem cell therapy, you can improve your mobility and function in the affected area.

How Does Stem Cell Therapy Work?

Stem cells can transform into other kinds of cells, thus aiding in regenerating tissues that otherwise could not regenerate. Such regeneration can lead to relieving and finding a solution to chronic pain and joint pain. Thus potentially restoring the underlying issue and resolving the pain you’re experiencing.


Benefits of Stem Cell Therapy for Hips

Stem cell therapy for hips can help alleviate chronic pain. Stem cell injection therapy can be performed quickly and is non-invasive and non-surgical. Stem cell-based therapy has the possibility of restoring, regenerating and replacing damaged tissues.

Without the need for physical therapy or a hip replacement, your injured tissue will heal and you will have a full range of motion again in the afflicted area. The stem cell treatment is a form of regenerative medicine that supplements the human body.

The stem cell procedure can benefit the patient in many ways including:

  • Speeding up recovery time for injuries
  • Return function
  • Alleviate pain
  • Create new tissues

Stem cell therapy for hip pain can treat a number of ailments such as orthopedic injuries like knee and shoulder injuries. With its regenerative properties, it can also help alleviate pain and concerns from arthritis.

Types of Stem Cells

There are different types of stem cells that can be used, those are:

  • Adult stem cells: these are fully differentiated which means that they have a function but can’t really change into other cells. They have a limited ability to change.
  • Immature stem cells: these cells can be found in the umbilical cord and can make up every cell in the body. This can be extracted from the umbilical cord after a c-section birth, thus not harming the baby.

Here at Tampa Rejuvenation, we use Wharton’s Jelly MSC stem cells from the umbilical cord. These contain some of the highest levels of growth factors with the lowest amount of risk.

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