Meet Our Staff

Shani Edelstein

Human Resources Manager

Shani Edelstein, she was born and raised here in Tampa Bay, but as an adult moved to South Florida to start her family. After some time, there she had family members fall ill and moved back to Tampa Bay to care and provide for them. She then began her career as a Human Resources Assistant for a security company, but soon realized that her passion for helping others was more than what her position entailed so she went back to school to get her degree in the medical field and joined the team at Tampa Rejuvenation in 2016. Since then Shani has quickly evolved in the company, working in the medical side where she was one on one with patients helping and motivating them to reach their goals and then to leading the team of medical employees at that office where she was able to instill and mold the same dedication and commitment to patients into everyone she worked with.

She has now combined all her skill sets from her leadership role where she was able to organize, guide, and empower her colleagues as well as her medical side where she has been able to instill her compassion and commitment for helping others as the Human Resources Director. Her goal is to continue to grow and evolve with the company, bringing their message of wellness and self-love to all patients and employees alike.