HGH, Tampa Rejuvenation & Staying Lean

HGH, Tampa Rejuvenation – here’s some information about HGH.
HGH or Human Growth Hormone is largely known for it’s anti-aging effects, this hormone is responsible for cell growth and renewal. Levels are highest during puberty, but drop quickly in the early 20’s for both men and women.
Many people can benefit from its use, especially as they age, as it improves healing time, sleep quality, libido, sense of well being, strength, and overall athletic performance.

HGH Tampa Rejuvenation 

Testosterone may allow for an increase in muscle size, but only growth hormone can increase the number of muscle cells. So if you are really looking for an improvement in strength or athletic performance then HGH can be greatly beneficial. Also, the more muscle you have, the more energy you need to burn to keep the body functioning optimally which yields a greater decrease in body fat.
Optimal HGH levels promote an optimal body composition: increased muscle mass with decreased body fat. In short this means that by maintaining your growth levels will keep you looking young and lean.
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