Cortisol has numerous functions in our bodies. It is used to create energy by the metabolism of fats and sugar in our body.Cortisolt is a hormone produced by your adrenal glands. It is used to increase the blood glucose levels this is especially important in the fight or flight response. Cortisol is a much needed hormone but too much or too little does have its effect on the body. Too much cortisol can cause the breakdown of muscle tissue, may reduce your kidney function, and even suppress your immune system. It also may reduce the growth hormone levels, and decrease athletic performance. High levels of cortisol contribute to abdominal fat however the intake of too much food and lack of exercise is what makes you fat. Low cortisol levels can produce fatigue and make your body always feeling weak and tired. Additionally with deficient cortisol levels your adrenal glands can lack the ability to regulate the glucose, potassium and sodium levels in your body. You also may have a low blood pressure because of the lack of hormones. What can be done if you have high or low levels of cortisol? First a test should be done to see if you have high or low levels. This can be done by a saliva test. We offer Adreno-Mend which is 10 herbal extracts that may help promote healthy adrenal function. Results may vary by individual. Ask your doctor and find out today if Adreno-Mend is something that may be beneficial to you.