3 Essential Facts About Stem Cell Therapy for Inflammation

Inflammation is the response our body has when it comes in contact with something it perceives to be a threat. This response can occur as a result of an injury or damage to the cells, foreign bodies, or potential pathogens.

This process is important because without it we would never be able to heal, and our body would lose its ability to repair damaged cells. However, excessive, or chronic, inflammation can lead to a myriad of diseases such as arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), and even heart disease. Reducing inflammation in the body through Stem Cell Therapy at Tampa Rejuvenation allows the body to heal itself at a very rapid rate and greatly diminishes the effects of this widespread affliction.

Read on to learn how Stem Cell Therapy can decrease inflammation, encourage cell repair, and promote longevity all whilst being a convenient and easy procedure.


Inflammation: The Body’s Defense Mechanism


When the body senses an injury (localized response) or stress (system-wide response), the body reacts by engaging the immune system to attack the threat. Typical symptoms of inflammation include a feeling of warmth, redness, swelling, pain and even immobility of the area depending on the injury.

Not all inflammation appears on the surface for us to recognize, such as a cut or bruise. Inflammation can also be internal, caused by irritants such as toxins, from cigarette smoke, or a buildup of fat around your organs, resulting from a poor diet.

White blood cells are then activated to help protect these inflamed areas from infection and further injury, while the damaged cells heal. This cellular response, and the combined effect of the reactions they cause, can lead to further damage in the body if not resolved, such as a buildup of plaque in the arteries due to inflammation.

Inflammation serves a critical role in the immune response, decreasing the time it takes for our bodies to heal and protecting us from foreign invaders. However, chronic inflammation can have a severe impact on our health, interfering with our organs’ ability to function properly and even causing our body to attack itself.

Stem Cell Therapy at Tampa Rejuvenation can aide in decreasing inflammation, allowing the body to heal, repairing the damaged tissues and restoring optimal function.

The following are three essential facts about inflammation’s effects on the body and how simple treatment with Stem Cell Therapy can help.


1. Chronic Inflammation is Detrimental to Health


Inflammation is typically recognized in two ways: acute inflammation or chronic inflammation. Acute inflammation is the response that we are probably most familiar with. A cut on your finger that becomes red around the perimeter or swelling and bruising after you’ve twisted your ankle are examples of visible and tangible immune system responses. This type of inflammation is healthy and signals that the body is working properly to prevent infection and promote healing.

Smoking, eating processed foods, and prolonged stress are all activities that increase internal inflammation, flooding the body with toxins and hindering the immune system. Repeatedly taking part in these activities can result in chronic inflammation, inciting a slew of major health concerns with a quick or prolonged onset. This type of inflammation keeps your body’s immune response elevated, resulting in a diminished immune capacity as well as inflicting ongoing damage to cells.


2. Stem Cells Heal the Body Naturally


Stem cells have the unique ability to split themselves in two: one cell remaining a stem cell for future use, and the other transforming into whichever cell is needed by the body at that given time. Stem cells seek out injured or dormant cells, allowing them to heal and regain function, often optimizing their performance. Stem cells can be administered intravenously (IV) to treat the entire body or through localized injections to target specific areas.


3. Stem Cell Therapy Can Relieve Internal Inflammation


Stem Cell Therapy revives dormant cells and rejuvenates existing ones, allowing the body to combat the internal effects of aging and inflammation, restoring the body to an optimized state. This therapy has the ability to greatly decrease the level of immune response to itself as can be found in diseases such as Crohn’s, Hashimoto’s, and Rheumatoid Arthritis, providing the individual with a great sense of relief in frequency and severity in symptoms.

Stem Cell Therapy for inflammation is essentially a self-renewal, providing the proper fuel for your immune system to combat internal inflammation that could be impacting your health and restore your body’s performance to a level that your aging cells would not be able to achieve.


Stem Cell Therapy at Tampa Rejuvenation


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