Anti-Aging with Vampire Facial Procedures

With the fear of aging always lurking in our minds it’s hard to not wonder what the next greatest treatment, product, or even surgery will be that’ll make you look as young as you desire. Wrinkles, fine lines, loss of fullness around cheeks, and even facial scars will always have us hunting for the latest and greatest. Well, the search is over. Tampa Rejuvenation’s Vampire Facial is the treatment that you’ve always been looking for. This procedure is the perfect alternative to surgery; there’s no downtime and has even better results.

5 Steps to Loving the Mirror with Vampire Facial

  • Restoring your skin with the use of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)
  • Reviving collagen production
  • Regeneration of new collagen growth factors with Exosomes infused within PRP
  • Reduce the saggy skin
  • Repair skin from fine lines and wrinkles with a 100% Natural Filler

The relatively new Vampire Facial was made famous in an Instagram post by Kim Kardashian. However, PRP therapy itself has been used for years in other fields like urology, dentistry, and neurosurgery. Its success in traditional medicine made it possible for it to be developed into a cosmetic procedure.

What is a Vampire Facial?

The base of the procedure starts by withdrawing blood from your own body that is then spun down in an Emcyte Centrifuge, separating the liquid gold which is your Platelet Rich Plasma from your Platelet Poor Plasma (PPP).  The PRP contains the high concentration of Cytokines and growth factors which are the building blocks to repair tissue and stimulate collagen production.

After a topical numbing cream is applied, we utilize a proprietary new method of microneedling. We then use heat energy to heat the tissue and stimulate subdermal collagen production. Once the pores are open we then use the PPP that was separated from your PRP and put it through a heating-cooling process to give us a natural filler that is injected into the fine lines and areas of concern to immediately give you the volume that pulls the skin tight and eliminates wrinkles. Once the practitioner has completed this step, we focus on injecting the face with your own PRP or for patients over 40 years old we suggest for better results infusing with the Exosomes Stem Cell to bring on longer lasting results. 

We then mix hyaluronic acid with remaining PPP to paint the face and feed the open pores followed by a collagen mask that is designed to cool your face over the next 15-20 min. The total procedure itself takes only about 45 minutes results are noticed immediately. There will be some redness but we have patients that go right back to work that day.

Vampire Facial Benefits

A natural progression of aging is the loss of collagen, which is what keeps us looking youthful. The concept of a Vampire Facial is using your bodies own ability to heal and regenerate to slow down aging. By using this method, you’re triggering new growth and rejuvenation directly at the location(s) desired.

Some benefits include:

  • Regain your youthful appearance and glow
  • Skin tightening accelerated with new collagen production
  • Elimination of fine lines, crepey skin, and wrinkles noticed immediately
  • Reduce the dark circles under eyes
  • Rosacea, acne scars, and sun damage are all improved and, because of the infused stem cells, you will continue to see results after 90 days.

With a Vampire Facial, you can take control of your age management and look younger and healthier than ever.

After Your Vampire Facial 

Despite the scary name, recovery and downtime are minimal. However, we suggest that you try to avoid direct sunlight and use sunscreen for the first few days after the procedure. Your skin and pores will be open and healing during this time, which can be negatively impacted by the sun’s rays.

Some patients may experience swelling and bruising and might want to consider waiting an extra day to recover in this case. If you’re prone to bruising, feel free to schedule a couple of days off to minimize strain on yourself.

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