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What is Calcium Pyruvate and why do we need it?

Results will vary from person to person

Your body naturally produces pyruvate. It helps to break down sugar and starches in the body and converts them to energy. When combined with the stability of calcium, you have one powerful fat burning aid. The body burns fat through a process called the Kreb Cycle. Pyruvate is the foundation of this process. The more pyruvate that is in the body, the faster the Kreb Cycle will work. Taking Calcium Pyruvate as a supplement enhances the effectiveness of what is already in your body and also aids in energy maintenance. This helps to reduce the body’s ability to store those unwanted extra pounds.Calcium Pyruvate supplementation, in addition to proper nutrition and exercise will increase the fat loss process. It has been shown to work extremely well with a diet containing lean meats and healthy carbohydrates, such as vegetables and fruits. We also recommend engaging in some sort of physical activity at least three times a week for thirty minutes to maximize results. *Results may vary by individual, consult your doctor today and see if this is right for you!

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